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Rohit Bhardwaj

Rohit Bhardwaj is a television actor and model from India. Although he has worked in theater and several television shows, he is best known for his role in the famous mythological TV show Mahabharat (2013–2014), in which he played Yudhishthira. He has a huge fanbase abroad. His Indonesian fans call him as Om Rohit Mulyono, which is very popular.


Rohit Bhardwaj was born on Sunday, 30 January 1983.age 39 years; by 2022) in Punjab, India. He did his schooling in Punjab, where he was a studious child, and was considered a good student of the class. He wanted to study abroad after graduation and live a satisfying life. However, he was also inclined towards cinema and acting, hence, he used to watch movies secretly. He got married to Poonam Bhardwaj around 2006. Later, she decided to follow her passion and started auditioning for modeling and acting. Initially, he could not crack any audition and got a little disappointed. After going through a lot of hardships, she finally got the role of a supporting character named Sukhi in Ranbir Rano (2008–2009), and after her first appearance in Ranbir Rano, she was offered several roles in several TV shows. He has also acted in few films and short films.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 8″

Weight (approx): 76 kg

Hair Color: black

Eye Colour: black

Zodiac sign: Aquarius


Rohit Bhardwaj belongs to a family that lives in Punjab.

parents and siblings

His father’s name is Vijay Bhardwaj and he has a brother named Mohit Bhardwaj.

Rohit Bhardwaj with his father

Rohit Bhardwaj with his father

Rohit lost his mother in February 2021. He mourned his death and said,

She had a cardiac arrest and I am still recovering from this loss. I am traveling between Mumbai and Delhi to spend time with my father, who is all alone now.

Rohit Bhardwaj with his mother

Rohit Bhardwaj with his mother

wife and children

Rohit was married to Poonam Bhardwaj and both were high school sweethearts. Some sources say that Poonam is a singer. They knew each other since childhood and were married for 16 years. They lived happily and also had a daughter named Parthavi Bharadwaj and she was born in 2011. He loves his daughter very much and said,

I pamper my daughter like hell and can’t think of life without her. She’s my little angel.”

Rohit Bhardwaj with wife Poonam and daughter Parthiv

Rohit Bhardwaj with wife Poonam and daughter Parthiv

The couple filed for divorce in 2022 after some marital disputes in their personal life. Things got worse when he returned from Indonesia in 2017. They said that,

I have been living alone for the last four-five years. There were differences from the beginning, which continued to grow, especially after I returned from Indonesia. I tried to sort things out with my wife, but could not save the marriage. It struggled with differences and compatibility issues. The divorce is in process and should be completed in two months.

Recalling his 10-year-old daughter, he said,

I haven’t seen my daughter in two years. The mother is gone and the daughter is away. I was going through an emotional turmoil and went into a shell. ,

relationships / affairs

Rohit and Poonam had a long affair which started in school and they were dating each other since high school time. They were in a serious relationship for many years and they got married to each other around 2006.


Apart from great acting skills and a successful career, it was not easy for him to enter the unknown world of acting. He took the risk of quitting his studies and got engaged in the work of his choice. When all the people who want to work in the showbiz industry start preparing for it from an early age, they started acting a little late. After his schooling, he completed his graduation and had little time, and whatever happened during that period, he considers it the plan of destiny. In an interview on the sets of Mahabharata, he said,

I had plans to go abroad for higher studies after graduation. I never thought that one day I would act in a television serial and become a well-known face.

After my graduation, I had three months of free time for soul searching. I wanted some kind of change and joined theater after a friend advised me to act. Those three months turned into three years and now I am an actor! I think it was destined to happen. It was part of destiny’s plan,” he said.


After her debut in the TV industry, she acted in several TV shows like ‘Baat Hamari Pakki Hai’, ‘Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha’, ‘Navya.. Naye Dhadkan Naye Saal’, ‘Mahabharat’ and ‘Laal Ishq’. Did. ,

The Mahabharata became so prominent that all the actors went to Indonesia to perform dramas in Indonesia. Countless Indonesian fans came to watch his performance and attend the fan meet.

Rohit on the sets of Mahabharata

Rohit on the sets of Mahabharata

international television

The New Eat Bulaga Indonesia (2014–2015) is an Indonesian television show starring Rohit as a judge and anchor. He has also judged and performed Bolly Star Vaganja in 2015. In Indonesia, he has done stand-up comedy and also played the character of ‘Mr Bean’. He has played almost all the kings of all regions of Indonesia.

Rohit Bhardwaj in Indonesian show

Rohit Bhardwaj in Indonesian show

thin crust

He has acted in few short films like ‘Vapasi’, ‘Mumbai’ and ‘Mombatti’. In 2020, he has also acted as a lead actor in a mystery and thriller web series ‘Myopia’.

Rohit in TV series Myopia

Rohit in TV series Myopia


  • Best Actor Award in ‘Vapasi’ at 3rd Dadasaheb Film Festival in 2013.
  • Indian Telly Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for ‘Mahabharat’ in 2014 (Nominated).

Facts / Trivia

  • Due to the character he played in Mahabharata, he has a massive fan following abroad, especially in Indonesia. He loves and cares for his fans and credits them for everything he has achieved in his acting career. Some fans go beyond boundaries and hurt themselves to show their love for their favorite actor but they requested him not to do so and said,

I am overwhelmed and happy that I am being appreciated as Yudhishthira, in the end, I feel that people can see Yudhishthira in me, I wanted it all to look real and as convincing as possible and thankfully my appreciation and acceptance But at the same time, I don’t like my fans doing weird things for me like writing a letter with blood. My humble request to all my fans out there, please don’t ever hurt yourself. ,

The cast of Mahabharata performing in Indonesia

The cast of Mahabharata performing in Indonesia

  • Rohit has a huge number of followers on social media platforms. He has 504k followers on Instagram, 257k followers on Twitter, and 79525 likes on Facebook.
  • He is very health conscious and believes in a healthy lifestyle. He is a vegetarian and eats salad, sprouts, paneer and steamed vegetables. Among drinks, he prefers protein shakes. He is a sportsman and he likes to swim, play cricket, go to the gym and also jog at night.

  • According to Rohit, as an actor, when it comes to money, he cannot compromise. In an interview he said,

After Mahabharat, I am getting many offers. In fact, I was recently offered an interesting comedy show, which I was really looking forward to doing, but then the money thing didn’t happen. I can’t settle on the money part as an actor. Also, everyone these days is making excuses to the actors that the budget is less due to COVID. A few years back, I was also offered Bigg Boss but I didn’t because it is not my bus. I want to save my personal life. I am scared of doing Bigg Boss.”

  • Despite being lucky to become a famous actor, his father did not support him to fulfill his dream. Rohit said,

My father is everything to me. He never wanted me to get into acting career and because of this I used to go for auditions without informing him. On the other hand, my elder brother always supported me in my acting career.

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