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Age: 29 Years

Marital Status: Unmarried

Hometown: Mysore

Roshina Delavery

Roshina Delavery

Some lesser known facts about Roshina Delavry

  • Roshina Delavary is an Indian Clinical Pharmacy Doctor. She is best known for being the girlfriend of Adil Khan Durrani who is popularly known as the boyfriend of actress Rakhi Sawant.
  • Roshina claims that she is in a relationship with Adil Khan for almost four years. But this news got mired in controversy when Rakhi Sawant got a call from Roshina on 21st May 2022. According to Rakhi, during the phone call, Roshina claimed that Adil is her boyfriend, who has been dating her for four years and is in love with her. He tells Rakhi about his good experiences with Adil and warns her to stay away from him. Later, after all this discussion, Rakhi decides to take up the matter with Adil. When asked about Roshina, Adil reportedly said that she was his ex-girlfriend and they were not in touch anymore. Roshina said that whatever is going on between Rakhi and Adil is not factual, and the rumors about their relationship are false.
  • Rakhi revealed that Adil proposed her before the completion of one month of dating. Since there is an age gap of six years between Rakhi and Aadil, she cited examples of famous couples like Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas and Malaika Arora-Arjun Kapoor, who convinced her to say yes to the proposal. he told,

    I think he is sent to me by God. After the breakup with Ritesh, I went into depression. Nothing was looking good. Adil entered my life and proposed to me within a month of our first meeting. I am six years older than him, to be honest, I was not ready but he explained to me by giving examples of Malaika Arora-Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas. He says that he loves me very much. I have fallen in love with him.”

  • Rakhi told in a conversation with the media that Roshina had told her that whom she is telling her new boyfriend. He is in love with her for the last four years. Roshina also tells Rakhi about the time she spent with Adil. Roshina wanted to tell Rakhi to keep herself away from Adil. The actress told that when she talked to her boyfriend about this, Adil told that girl as his ex-girlfriend.
  • During the media interaction, Roshina was asked several questions about Adil Khan, such as does she love Adil? Does Adil love her? Did he call Rakhi yesterday? Roshina answered all the questions with just these words: I don’t want to talk about this. Later, when Rakhi was asked the same question, she replied,

    I have no water in Roshina’s call. He called me, but Adil sirf is mine. She is his ex-girlfriend. And, Adil and I are going to get married.”

  • Roshina is an animal enthusiast who has posed for pictures with Adil Khan Durrani’s pet cat. He uploaded the photo on Instagram and gave credit to Adil in the comments.
  • She is a gourmet who enjoys taking pictures wherever she goes.
  • He is often seen drinking alcohol at various social events.

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