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Height: 5′ 6″

Pay Scale: N/A

Age: 26 Years

Santi Sharma

Santi Sharma

Some lesser known facts about Santi Sharma

  • Santi Sharma is a singer and rapper in the Indian music industry. Ganesh Sharma popularly known as Santi Sharma, the youngest, finest and 1. are one ofscheduled tribe Prominent rappers of the salty city of Ratlam. Santi Sharma was born on 09 September 1996 in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India. He started his career as a rapper.
  • Santi Sharma is the youngest son of his parents. Santi Sharma
  • He grew up with his brother Umesh Sharma and sister Krishna Sharma.
  • Santi Sharma started rapping and singing since childhood. Santi Sharma
  • In 2015, he released his first audio on streaming sites but never officially released that song.
  • Santi Sharma is the first leading rapper of her hometown Ratlam.
  • In 2016, he released his debut song Suni Suni Sadko. Santi Sharma
  • his 2Ra The song Udaan (2017) got 400K+ views within a month of its release.
  • Santi Sharma released her first official collaboration track Choco Moko with famous Mumbai rapper Naaz and that song did very well on Youtube. Santi Sharma
  • Santi Sharma released another collaboration track Gangsta with famous Pahari rapper Nitesh aka Nick, and that song became popular on various streaming sites.
  • Apart from the music industry, Santi Sharma is also working in the digital technology industry, and is running a digital marketing company called DigitalYoog Media.
  • Santi Sharma begins her musical journey paceSong of Swag Mera Desi. He even paid tribute to rapper Raftaar in his song ‘Tribute’. Santi Sharma
  • His mother helped him a lot in his musical journey, which he mentioned in his song ‘Shraddhanjali’.
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