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Age: 56 Years

Hometown: Blackheath, London, England

Profession: Actor

Sarita Chowdhary

Sarita Chowdhary

Some lesser known facts about Sarita Choudhary

  • Sarita Choudhary is a British actress, best known for playing Meena in the film Mississippi Masala (1991).
  • When she was a child, she used to get pronunciations of the places she lived in. In an interview, he had said that his brother used to joke about how quickly he learned pronunciation.
  • She started learning dance when she was four years old. When she turned sixteen, she wanted to become a dancer or actress.
  • While she was studying at Queen’s University, she used to act in films made by her classmates. In an interview, she said that she was first introduced to films when one of her university professors offered her the job of translating scripts.
  • She has appeared in various Hollywood films including Wild West (1992), A Perfect Murder (1998), 3 AM (2001), It’s Run in the Family (2003) and The Last Photograph (2017).
    Sarita Choudhary in the movie 'A Perfect Murder'

    Sarita Choudhary in the movie ‘A Perfect Murder’

  • He has starred in various television shows including Homicide: Life on the Street (1998), Law & Order (2004), The Philanthropist (2009), Divorce (2016), and Strangers (2018).
    Sarita Choudhary in the television show 'Homicide Life on the Street'

    Sarita Choudhary in the television show ‘Homicide Life on the Street’

  • She has acted in several short films including Accurate (2004), Woman in Burkha (2008), Monarchs and Men (2012), Love Comes Later (2015), and Human Terrain (2019).
    Sarita Chowdhary in the short film 'Love Comes Letter'

    Sarita Chowdhary in the short film ‘Love Comes Letter’

  • After finishing the Mississippi Masala film, she wanted to pursue further studies, but was offered several roles in films.
  • Sarita was always offered to play the character who belonged to different nationalities including South American and Bosnian.
  • In 2010, in an interview, Sarita said that she wanted to shift to India and work in Bollywood films. She further said that she wants to make her life culturally rich. In the interview he further said,

    I want to [move to India], People think I don’t want to come back. They think I want to live in America because it’s been really cool for me. But I want something more culturally rich now. I would like to do it soon. I guess I should do it soon.”

  • While she was preparing for the film Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996), she spent three weeks rehearsing classical Indian dance in Bangalore. In an interview, he talked about his film Kamasutra which had a lot of sexuality and said that he did nude scenes in films only when he had faith in the director of the film.
  • In an interview he talked about Indian cinema and said,

    Thankfully, Indian cinema is no longer just about Bollywood, as that kind of cinema is not really my liking. But there are smaller films, more original and more real, which are being made and I want to be a part of such cinema. ,

  • In 2021, at the age of fifty, Sarita was featured in Show and Just Like That. In an interview, he talked about ageism and said,

    When you turn 50, you’re told you’re done. In 2021, most marriages did not last until people were in their fifties. You were back on the dating scene. You’ve had some bad dates, maybe some good ones. A lot of things are happening. In your thirties, you go to discos or you go to cool bars. Where do you go in your fifties? What is the scene?’ He has done a good job in us trying to understand himself and making a lot of mistakes. ,

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