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Age: 42 Years

Husband: Arvind

Hometown: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Shanti Aravind - photo

Some lesser known facts about Shanti Aravind

  • Shanti Aravind is an Indian actor, dancer and choreographer who predominantly works in the Tamil film and television industry.
  • At the age of 13, Shanti started working in cinema full time.
  • According to Shanti, she bought a membership card for a dance union in the 1990s after working with about nine choreographers. One of them chose him after dancing about ten times and waiting at his door for several hours.
  • In an interview, talking about her struggling days as a dancer, Shanti revealed that she was teased by directors and others because of her slim and tall appearance.
  • According to Shanti, she used to wear a variety of pants and shirts to avoid looking thin.
  • Shanti recalled the moment from the early days of her career as a dancer when a music master slapped her on the sets of a shoot as she could not give the best shot as a powdery substance got into her eyes was when he was falling. His and the other’s face, as a part of a shoot by the team. Talking about this incident in an interview, Shanti said,

    A shot of powder falling on the faces of dancers during the shooting of a song. I was sitting down, not knowing whether it would fall in my eyes, when the powder fell on me. I’ll have to take another tag. So in anger, that song master slapped me on the cheek in front of everyone. It took me a long time to get over my crying. “I was stung by the ring…” my fellow dancers calmed me down.

  • Shanti’s work in the Tamil language soap opera ‘Metti Oli’ earned her the name “Metti Oli Shanti”. In an interview, Shanti revealed how the title song of Matty Olly was choreographed and recorded in just one night. Talking about this Shanti said,

    In 2002, we shot the title intro song a few days before the serial ‘Meddy Oli’ aired. When the dance master was busy in cinema. Then my friend Kanda forced me to sing the song he had mastered. ‘It’s a serial song.. ok. But I agreed to dance saying that I will not wear any accessories. At first, three people were dancing as the main dancers. Thirumurugan, the director of that serial said, ‘I am your fan. So, only you should dance as the main dancer’. Just one night, the shooting of the song ‘Ammi Ammi Ammi Mithu… Arundhati Mogham Bhetu’ happened.”

  • In an interview, Shanti shared one of her thoughts from the troubled days of her career when she almost decided to terminate her second pregnancy as she could compete as a choreographer in the cinematic world after a break from her first pregnancy. She was already fighting for the chase. , Shanti said,

    I got married and took a break from cinema to take care of my first child. Then, while I was looking for an opportunity, I got pregnant for the second time. For the sake of cinema, I thought of dissolving that fetish. But, the family did not agree.

  • Shanthi Aurobindo feels obliged to Thirumurugan, an Indian director who mainly works in Tamil films and television series, to give him a chance to work and direct him for the same. Expressing gratitude to the director Thirumurugan, Shanthi said,

    The double horse of acting and dance master is doing very well. No matter how high I go, I will always be grateful to director Thirumurugan sir.

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