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Marital Status: Widow

Profession: Entrepreneur

Husband: Atulya Mafatlal

Sheetal Mafatlal

Sheetal Mafatlal

Some lesser known facts about Sheetal Mafatlal

  • Sheetal Mafatlal is an Indian entrepreneur and social media influencer. She is best known for being the wife of late Indian businessman Atulya Mafatlal, who passed away in her sleep on 8 September 2022.
  • In 2003, she joined as its
  • In January 2004, he established a venture named ‘.,’ which is
  • In 2012, three old friends of Sheetal Mafatlal, Arif Patel, Farooq Wadia and Yasmin MY were accused of turning twelve ‘Mafatlal-owned paintings’ in a Bandra apartment into fake ones by replacing them with original ones. However, in 2014, the trio turned against Sheetal and organized an event titled ‘Sheetal Incredible Mafatlal and the Mystery of the Fake Paintings’ and invited the press to expose their painting fraud. Soon after he was exposed in the cheating case, the Mumbai Police declared him an absconder. No trace of it was found in India. In May 2014, she was seen attending a high-profile charity event in Kuwait. As per the fake painting case, Sheetal blamed her childhood friend Arif Patel for stealing the paintings kept by her in Bandra and Khar. These apartments were owned by a friend of Patel. Sheetal lodged a complaint against Arif Patel at the Gamdevi police station and accused him of replacing the original painting with a fake one. In the same complaint, he mentioned the names of Yasmin, the owner of the two apartments in which the paintings were kept, and Farooq Wadia, an employee of Arif Patel.
    A newspaper article featuring the allegations and cases against Sheetal in the fake painting case

    A newspaper article featuring the allegations and cases against Sheetal in the fake painting case

  • In 2016, she fought a legal battle against her mother for a bungalow in Bandra. Sheetal lodged a complaint with a local police station in Bandra and said that she was stopped by her mother’s bouncers in her bedroom at Pali Hill, 38 in Bandra, Mumbai. Her lawyer told the courtroom that Sheetal was kept in unhygienic conditions and that her mother had not given her food and water. His lawyer MA Chandan told the court,

    With the leftover food kept in the room, now there are many cockroaches and she is living in unhygienic conditions.”

    Rajni Bhagat’s counsel, on the other hand, said in the courtroom that Sheetal wanted sole tenancy of the bungalow in which Sheetal, her mother and sister were living after the death of Rajni’s father and husband a few years back. Rajni Bhagat’s lawyer said,

    Sheetal wants to sidestep Maa and claim sole tenancy rights. While Rajni remained there for the rest of her life. No one realized that she (Sheetal) would become dishonest and would try to evict her own mother. Had they known, they would have done something about it.”

    Sheetal Mafatlal and her mother

    Sheetal Mafatlal (right) and her mother

  • She works as a volunteer with branch of T since

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