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Profession: Actor, Comedian

Age: 26 Years

Height: 4′ 0″

Suraj Thelakdo

Suraj Thelakkad posing on the jeep

Some lesser known facts about Sooraj Thelakkad

  • Sooraj Thelakkad is an Indian actor, comedian and mimicry artist, who predominantly works in the Malayalam entertainment industry.
  • He is suffering from a physical condition called dwarfism. In an interview he said,

    When I was in high school, I wasn’t even 90 cm tall. It is now 110 cm. Despite my physical limitations, I was given opportunities and looked down upon because of my short stature. ,

  • He started doing mimicry at the age of just 10 and was in 5th standard, which he learned from his father.
  • She participated in the 52nd State School Children Festival held in Thrissur for the first time in 2011-12.
  • He got A grade in Kerala School State Kalolasavam Mimicry in 2012 and second A grade in 2013.
  • He started his career as a standup comedian and an impressionist. In an interview, he recalled that he got various opportunities as he could be easily spotted due to his short height.
  • He started doing television in 2012 when he starred as a supporting cast in Bhim Jewels Comedy Festival Season 1, which aired on Majhavil Manorama. After that he also became a part of its sequel.
  • In 2015, he appeared in the comedy Super Night Show and was a part of it for the next four years.
  • In 2017, he had the opportunity to do a cameo in three films: Cappuccino, Udaharanam Sujatha, and Vimanam.
  • He then did various comedy shows in 2019-20 and also hosted the game show, Udaan Panam 3.0, which aired on Majhvil Manorama in 2021.
  • His popularity increased manifold when he was selected for the lead role of the film Andyur Kunjappan Version 5.25 in 2019, which was directed by Ratheesh Poduval.
  • Initially, it was rumored that the team of the film, Android Kunjappan version 5.25, had used a real robot for the shoots. It attracted the audience; However, it was later revealed that Sooraj Thelakkad wore a robot costume to play the role, which he managed to hide from the audience for 45 days.
    Suraj Thelakkad as Robot Android Kunjappan

    Suraj Thelakkad as Robot Android Kunjappan

  • When it was finally revealed that Sooraj Thelakkad was behind the robot costume of android Kunjappan, his social media was flooded with congratulatory posts. Celebrities like Guinness Pakru also took to social media to praise the actor.
  • Reportedly, there was an assistant on the sets of the film to help Sooraj with the almost 6 kg heavy outfit. It took him an hour a day to put on the robot costume because it had various bolts that were fastened after he put on the costume. In an interview he revealed,

    During the shoot, I was exhausted because the robot costume was unbearably hot. Within four days I developed cough and cold due to sweating. My co-actor Sooraj told me that it would be better if I shave my hair. At first I was not ready, but eventually I decided to go for a shaved look for Kunjappan.

    Movie Android Kunjappan Version 5.25.  Sooraj Thelakkad during the shooting of

    Movie Android Kunjappan Version 5.25. Sooraj Thelakkad during the shooting of

  • He also acted in films like Oru Adaar Love (2019), Ambili (2019), Dhamaka (2020) etc.
  • In 2022, he entered the Bigg Boss (Malayalam Season 4) house as a contestant.
    Sooraj Thelakkad Big Boss 4.  in

    Sooraj Thelakkad Big Boss 4. in

  • Although Suraj loves driving, getting a driving license was not that easy and enjoyable for him, as his stature became a hindrance in obtaining a driving license for a four wheeler. Perinthalmanna Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI) Binoy Varghese clarified that there was a provision to grant licenses to those who are not tall and use ‘customized vehicles’. This rang a bell for Suraj and he got his car seat replaced. In an interview, he explained,

    It was my dream to get a four wheeler license from Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), I love to drive a car. However, my height was a constraint. I searched for options and found the solution, the ‘solution’ was a modified seat car.”

    He obtained his license from Perinthalmanna Regional Transport Office on 17 September, after which he went on a leisure trip. In an interview he said,

    After getting the license, I went on a personal trip to Wayanad. It could not be avoided. I will be planning more holiday trips once the risk of Covid subsides.”

    Suraj Thelakkad is driving

    Suraj Thelakkad is driving

  • Like Suraj, his sister Swatisree also suffers from dwarfism. According to some media reports, Sooraj’s parents are distant relatives and the short height of their children is due to a genetic problem. In an interview, Sooraj said,

    Me and my sister are like this. This is a growth hormone problem. Father and mother are related. Their marriage was not romantic but arranged marriage. One day my father called me and said that you will no longer grow up and move ahead in life through art or any other ability. Friends are bigger than us. My father says these things when he sees them all and understands them all.

  • Sooraj built his dream home in 2019. Prior to this new house, Suraj lived with his family in his father’s ancestral house, a small one-storey house with a clay tiled roof. He later built a new house next to his ancestral house, which had all modern amenities but was so high that Suraj and his sister could not live comfortably due to their small height. In an interview, Sooraj said,

    My father’s ancestral house was a small one-storied house with thatched roof. Later we built a house near him and now my stepfather lives in that house. Although it had all the facilities, the features inside were too much for me and my sister to reach. I had always dreamed of having a home that suited our material needs.”

    Suraj Thelakkad's specially designed house

    Suraj Thelakkad’s specially designed house

    Sooraj’s new home is a two-storey building with four bedrooms. The house is custom built to enable the sibling duo to access everything with convenience. In an interview he said,

    The new house has been built with special importance to my sister and my convenience. Shelves, cupboards, switch boards and wash basins are all arranged at a height where we can easily reach. The height of the dining table also suits us. The steps on the ladder are shorter than the normal height, so that we can climb it without any difficulty.”

    Only Rs. On fulfilling my dream. 17 lakhs, Sooraj expressed his feelings in an interview and said,

    We moved into our new home in October last year. The construction of the house including the furnishings was completed in just Rs 17 lakh. A loan of around Rs 10 lakh was taken to build our dream home. I don’t have much money. My real strength is the audience who support and love me despite my limitations. We are all really happy that our dream of building a ‘small’ house has finally come true.”

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