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soundus moufakiro

Soundus Moufkir is a Moroccan model who appeared in the reality show MTV Roadies X9 Season 19 held in South Africa in 2022.


Soundus Maufkir was born on Friday, 17 February 1995.age 27 years; by 2022) His zodiac sign is Aquarius. She hails from the North African country of Morocco. According to Soundus, she is of Moroccan and French heritage. He did MBA in his education.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 9″

Weight (approx): 57 kg

Hair Color: black

Eye Colour: brown

Body Measurements (Approximately): 33-26-35

Sounds Maufki


parents and siblings

Not much is known about his parents.


as a financial analyst

Soundus Moufkir worked as a financial analyst, however, he was more inclined towards modeling so he quit his job.

as a sample

Soundus started his modeling career in Mumbai. He worked with brands like Caprese and Softline. She was also a part of some bridal shoots.

in music video

On 23 December 2020, she appeared in the song Soundas Aaja Aaja, which was her first music video.

Today today  strong in song

Today today strong in song

In the movie

On 11 February 2022, she appeared in the short studio film Uljheye, which was released on Amazon Mini TV.

Soundtrack in the movie Confused

Soundtrack in the movie Confused

in reality show

In 2022, Soundus appeared as a contestant in the reality show, MTV Roadies X9 Season 18, which was hosted by the actor, Sonu Sood, in South Africa. He was removed after a few days.

great in roadies season 18

great in roadies season 18

Facts / Trivia

  • In 2017, Soundus started a travel agency, Trips Exotica with his friend in India, but due to some administrative issues, Soundus could not stay back in India and contributed to the growth of the company.
  • Soundus Moufkir mentioned in her Instagram post that when she was little, she wanted to look like the girl in the dark-haired George Michael father figure video.
  • According to Soundus Moufkir, she loves to travel and always craves for new destinations to travel to.
  • In an Instagram post, Soundus revealed that just before completing her probationary period as a financial analyst, she quit her job as she was inclined towards modeling.
  • Soundus posted in his Instagram story that he found Lauterbrunnen, a village in Switzerland, as one of the most beautiful places in his life.
  • Sounds is fond of writing. She often posts her own written poems on social media sites.
  • Soundus revealed in an Instagram post that he considered adopting a surname, Soundarya, to forge a deeper bond with India.
  • Soundus likes music and dance. She often posts her dance videos on Instagram.
  • In an Instagram post she revealed that when she was cast for Roadies, she started watching random episodes of Roadies on YouTube to get in the zone and learn more about the show.
  • Soundus mentioned in an Instagram post that most of the time in Roadies she could not understand the brief or the jokes of the work as they were in Hindi.
  • She has got a tattoo on the finger of her right hand, “ن”, which means afternoon in Urdu and a heart tattoo on the inner side of her left shoulder.
    beautiful picture with her tattoo

    beautiful picture with her tattoo

  • He owns a puppy.
    sound with her puppy

    sound with her puppy,

  • During the Roadies show, Soundus expressed his liking for Basir Ali, who was also a contestant in Roadies Season 18. ,e times,
  • Soundus Moufkir has his own YouTube channel.
  • In an Instagram post, Soundus talked about the opportunities he got after Roadies. He said that after Roadies, he was offered six TV commercials and a music album.

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