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Srinivasan Jain

Srinivasan Jain is an Indian journalist, best known for hosting the show ‘Truth vs Hype’ on NDTV 24×7.


Srinivasan Jain studied at Rishi Valley School in Delhi. He completed his higher education from Hindu College, University of Delhi and University of Sussex, England.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Hair Color: black

Eye Colour: black

Srinivasan Jain


parents and siblings

Srinivasan’s father’s name is Lakshmi Chand Jain, who was a political activist.

Srinivasan Jain's father

Srinivasan Jain’s father

His mother’s name is Devaki Jain, who is an economist.

Srinivasan Jain's mother

Srinivasan Jain’s mother

He has a brother Gopal Jain.


In 1995, Jain started working in NDTV. He was appointed as the Mumbai Bureau Chief of NDTV in 2003. In 2010, he became the Managing Editor of Business Channel from NDTV Group. In 2015, he was hired as an op-ed columnist for the Business Standard newspaper.


  • 2006: Best Anchor News/Current Affairs Award by Indian Television Academy
  • 2014: Ramnath Goenka Award for Journalist of the Year
  • 2015: Journalist of the Year Award at RedInk Journalism Awards by Press Club, Mumbai
  • 2022: India’s most trusted news anchor since 2019

Facts / Trivia

  • Jain is known by his friends and family as Vasu.
  • In 2017, NDTV removed a report about loans given by Jain and Manas Pratap Singh. jay shahCompany during BJP rule. He wrote in a post on Facebook,

    A week ago, a report on loans given by Manas Pratap Singh and me to Jay Shah’s companies was taken down from NDTV’s website. NDTV’s lawyers said it needed to be removed for “legal investigation”. It has not been restored yet. This is very unfortunate, as the report is completely based on facts in the public domain and does not make any baseless or unwarranted claims. A situation like this presents journalists with difficult choices. For now, I am treating this as a disturbing aberration and have decided to continue with the journalism I have always done on NDTV. All this has been conveyed to NDTV.”

  • In 2018, a columnist Rajiv Mantri made controversial remarks about Jain’s father LC Jain. Jain sent a legal notice to Rajiv. In a Twitter post, the minister spoke about the notice and said,

    I am shocked that a well connected and powerful journalist like Srinivasan Jain is threatening me, a common citizen, of legal consequences for expressing an opinion. I see it as an attempt to suppress my voice and silence me.”

  • In 2020, when Jain was reporting about the Delhi CAA riots, people started pelting stones at him. Deepak Chaurasia shared the video on Twitter in which Jain said,

    Already some stones have started coming so we are not going to do the film now. We will turn the camera to the other side, shall we turn the camera and walk to the other side, we are not going to provoke the crowd.”

  • In 2020, businessmen Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Gave an interview to NDTV where Jain was the interviewer. During the interview, Rakesh said that NDTV criticized BJP without any reason. In the interview he said,

    I am a fan of Mr. Modi – it is a well known fact. As an Indian, I have the right to my political choice… But, I think you are prejudiced. I think NDTV is prejudiced against the government.”

  • In 2021, he made misleading tweets calling Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin substandard. He later apologized for the tweet and said,

    I clarified that in later tweets but the initial tweet could have been written better. I am deleting the original tweet. For any confusion as a result, apologies.”

  • In 2022, he became the co-founder of Alt News. helped Mohammad Zubair and lent Rs. 50,000 for his bail.
    Confirmation by Srinivasan Jain to grant surety bail of Rs.  50,000 for Muhammad Zubair

    Confirmation by Srinivasan Jain to grant surety bail of Rs. 50,000 for Muhammad Zubair

  • In February 2022, NDTV removed a video in which Jain was insulted by a girl in Uttar Pradesh while he was reporting from UP during the state assembly elections. The girl said that she is happy with the BJP rule in UP and will vote for it.

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