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subah jaini

Subah Jain is an Indian Youtuber who has established herself as a wellness speaker and teacher. He created his own YouTube channel named Satvik Movement.


Subah Jain is a young Indian YouTuber. She is 23 years old and is a health educator, writer and video producer. She graduated from the Living Light Culinary Institute, California, where she learned raw gourmet cuisine and a leader in plant-based cooking. Subah has her own YouTube channel, in which she along with her husband Harshvardhan Saraf explains how diseases can be treated by using home remedies, maintaining health and keeping oneself fit by eating only vegetarian food.

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Black

Eye Colour: Black

subah jaini


parents and siblings

Not much is known about his parents.

Subah Jain with her mother

Subah Jain with her mother

Subah has a younger brother, Ishaat Jain.

Subah Jain with her parents, brother and husband

Subah Jain with her parents, brother and husband

husband and children

Subah’s husband’s name is Harshvardhan Saraf. He is the founder of Vedri, a medical center in Mumbai. Subah and Harshvardhan first met at the Mumbai workshop at Vedri, where they were facilitating a yoga nidra session.

subah jain wedding photo

subah jain wedding photo


Subah is the founder of the Satwik movement. It is a non-profit health education platform which aims to bring human beings closer to mother nature and provide holistic knowledge about health coming from Vedas and scriptures. He enrolled in Living Light School where he studied exotic cuisines that are both healing and delicious. After graduating from Living Light School, she began her first workshop, in a small basement, with a group of 10 women. In 2018, Suba moved to Florida and joined the Hippocrates Health Institute to learn healing through food.

Subhash and Harshavardhana the founders of the sattvik movement

On 25 August 2013, Subah along with her husband Harshvardhan started a YouTube channel, which includes videos of Hindi knowledge videos, disease revival videos, Hindi food recipe videos, sattvik yoga flow videos and healing stories. The channel has over 3.27 million subscribers and has also got Silver and Golden YouTube play buttons.

subah jaini

Subah has also launched her Sattvik Food Book which contains the knowledge of healing the body with plant based food without any medicine. The book includes more than 45 plant-based sattvik healing recipes by author Subah Jain. Apart from the recipes, the book also contains sattvik food laws. The book is available in English and Hindi language.


  • Book: Essen Gospel of Peace
  • Fruit: Mangosteen, Passionfruit, Mango, Avocado and Durian
  • Location: Hippocrates Wellness in the United States

Facts / Trivia

  • Subah posted her favorite excerpt from her favorite book, the Essen Gospel of Peace, on Instagram: “Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not envy, does not evil, does not know pride; is not rude, nor selfish; slow to anger, does not imagine any mischief; He does not rejoice in injustice, but rejoices with justice. Love protects all, Love trusts all, Love hopes for all, Love endures everything; never ends himself; But those tongues will be forgotten, and the words of knowledge will perish.”
  • According to Subah, she was very nervous and excited at her first workshop as it was her first experience in public speaking.
  • Subah went to the Living Light Culinary Institute to learn how to flavor healthy food and create delicious raw vegetarian dishes that used whole, fresh ingredients straight from Mother Nature, with no added sugar, no wheat and no dairy.
  • His first raw vegetarian dish was red beet ravioli with a cashew filling and black pepper puree.
  • In an interview, Subah revealed that she was suffering from PCOS, hypothyroidism and excessive hair loss when she was 17 years old. She weighed about 15 pounds more than her weight and was taking 6 different pills a day, however, she started taking plant based recipes which helped her to cure her health problems.
  • According to Subah, he learned a lot from the books of Laxman Sharma of Acharya.
  • In an interview, Subah revealed that his first teacher, from whom he received knowledge about nature, was Acharya Mohan Gupta.
  • Subhash is an animal lover.
    subah jaini
  • In an interview, Suba expressed her desire to educate people about raw food.
  • According to Subah, she often goes to school and teaches students about plant-based recipes.

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