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Profession: Actress

Age: 28 Years

Date of Birth: 28/05/1996

Suchitra Nair

Suchitra Nair posing in a blue outfit

Some lesser known facts about Suchitra Nair

  • Suchitra Nair is an Indian television actress, who predominantly works in Malayalam industry.
  • He was fond of acting since childhood. in an interview. he revealed,

    I have always loved acting. I requested my family friend who was in the TV industry at the age of 6 and gave him a chance to act in a short video. Later, when directors approached me to play the role of Devi on-screen, my parents couldn’t stop me even though they didn’t support me to pursue a career in acting.

  • She was inspired by Telugu actress Bhanupriya and took classes from popular dancer Neena Prasad for 9 years to learn Mohiniyattam dance.
  • Her dance got her a chance to act in Amrita TV’s mythological show Krishna Kripa Sagaram. When she was in the sixth grade, she played the role of Goddess Durga.
  • He then acted in various mythological shows after doing Krishna Kripa Sagaram, which resulted in him being typecast for similar roles.
    Suchitra Nair as Devi

    Suchitra Nair as Devi

  • In a media interaction, Suchitra revealed that she faced both constructive and non-constructive criticism early in her career. She admitted that she was initially not well versed in acting and was only good at dancing. He said,

    I got into acting through dance. At first he didn’t know how to act. Went with a passion for acting and was turned away from many places. Have heard many people say, ‘That kid doesn’t know how to act.

  • With the show Kalyanasougandhikam, she decided to play the antagonist in contrast to her image at the time. In an interview, she said,

    I was desperate for something different. So I turned my attention to the family drama. Durga represents Shakti and my experience also helped me. So it was never hard to play the vamp.”

  • In 2018, she won a beauty pageant organized by Metro Manorama.
    Suchitra Nair walking on the ramp

    Suchitra Nair walking on the ramp

  • After Kalyanasougandhikam, Nair was offered to play the antagonist character Padmini aka Pappi in ‘Vanambadi’. She accepted the role and emerged as one of the most brutal vamps or ‘Villathi’ on screen.
  • In an interview, she said,

    I am lucky that I got so much love for my character. They hate Padmini for torturing Anu, but they shower so much love on me, the secret of the on-screen chemistry between Mohan and Padmini is the friendship we share off-screen. Every time the director says ‘action’, Sai says ‘come, let’s fight’. And soon after the shot is over, we start pulling each other’s legs.”

  • In an interaction with the media, he shared that switching up his choice of roles was not a particularly easy task for him. He said,

    There is nothing else to do while acting as a goddess. Look is important. When he started acting in Vanambadi, he took him till 25 first. I was in Devi’s hangover in the roughness in look in the first two or three schedules. When look at her he asks me to see her, the director says, Devi Devi is coming which was slowly changed.

  • According to Nair, she was the most mischievous person on the sets of his show Vanambadi. In a media interaction, she expressed,

    I am the naughtiest in the team. I pinch Gauri, fight with the light boys and make funny comments between shots. Team Vanambadi is like a family to me.”

  • Even after the show went off-air, Nair’s portrayal of Padmini remained popular with fans; However, she decided to take a break from acting to focus on her dancing practice. In an interview, she said,

    I am not planning to work in any serial soon. Due to the busy shooting schedule, I had to stay away from my dancing stints. So, my first priority now is my dance. My teachers were eagerly waiting for the serial to end.”

  • She started as an anchor in the show ‘Start Music’.
    Suchitra Nair Start Music Season 3.  on the set of

    Suchitra Nair Start Music Season 3. on the set of

  • In 2022, he entered the Bigg Boss 4 (Malayalam) house as a contestant.
    Suchitra Nair in Bigg Boss 4

    Suchitra Nair in Bigg Boss 4

  • In an episode of Bigg Boss Season 4 (Malayalam), the actress came out in open and revealed about the first breakup of her life. He said,

    In the early days of my acting, he approached me and expressed his love. He also shared with my parents his desire to marry me. Eventually I fell in love with him too. It was a beautiful time indeed. Once, I shared my desire to go on a ride and he took me to Kollam by bike. From there we watched the movie ‘Innu Ninte Moithen’.

    He added,

    Everything went smoothly, but slowly we started having problems. He started doubting me and insisted on discontinuing my acting career. So, I realized it wouldn’t work and we parted ways.”

  • According to Nair, dance is her first love and acting made it difficult for her to focus on her dance lessons and practice. In an interview, she said,

    Dance is my biggest passion, but now due to long shoots, I am not able to schedule and practice regularly. But, the dancer in me is what makes Padmini powerful.”

    Suchitra Nair Dance

    Suchitra Nair Dance

  • Suchitra is known for her effortlessly beautiful saree look. Her fashion statement including jewelry and puff designed blouse at Vanambadi show became a trend in Kerala. In an interview, she expressed her love for jewelry and said,

    Me and my on-screen mother Priya Nair are very serious about our style. I love her for the distinctive styles she offers every day, I spend around Rs 20,000 every month to buy jewelry for my character. I always want to keep Padmini special.”

    Suchitra Nair posing in a sari studded on a ladder

    Suchitra Nair posing in a sari studded on a ladder

  • According to Suchitra, she wants to marry a family man like Mohan Kumar, the main character in the television series Vanambadi. She said in an interview that she would be more than happy to have a partner like Mohan Kumar, who loves and takes care of his family. She said that she wants someone who will take care of her family as well.
  • Suchitra is an animal lover and owns a poodle named Whiskey.
    Suchitra Nair with her pet dog

    Suchitra Nair with her pet dog

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