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Sudhir Sangwan is an Indian lawyer and contractor who is best known as a TikTok star and personal secretary to a BJP leader. Sonali Phogat, In August 2022, he came under the radar of Goa Police for his alleged involvement in the Sonali Phogat murder case.


Sudhir Sangwan is a resident of Nooran Khera village of Gohana in Sonipat, Haryana. He holds an LLB degree and is a member of the Gohana Bar Association.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 8″

Hair Color: bald

Eye Colour: brown

Sudhir Sangwan


parents and siblings

Sudhir’s mother is a government employee.

wife and children

Sudhir is married. His wife is a JBT teacher in Rohtak. The couple has three children.

Alleged affair with Sonali Phogat

Meet Sudhir Sangwan Sonali Phogat For the first time during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The meeting was organized by a man from Gagdwas village in Bhiwani district, who has links with several film actors. He worked behind the scenes for almost five months and appeared before the public during the 2019 Legislative Assembly elections; Sonali contested the election from Adampur assembly seat on a Bharatiya Janata Party ticket. Sudhir helped him during the election campaign. He went to Sonali’s house as the first guest and gradually made her house his permanent home. Talking about this during a media interaction, a relative of Sonali said,

One day I got a call from Sonali. He said that a guest from Australia has come to the house. He is a lawyer and I should go and meet him. When I reached Sonali’s house, Sudhir was walking in Capri. A day later he left. After a week, Sudhir came again and stayed at Sonali’s house for 7 days. Gradually, he made Sonali’s house a pucca house. Within a month, Sudhir understood who was close to Sonali in the family.

Slowly, he takes over everything from Sonali’s farmhouse keys to her ATM card, financial assets and even her phone. They used to decide whom Sonali would meet and who should be allowed to enter Sonali’s house. Apparently, he took a house on rent in Gurgaon Greens Society, Sector 102, Gurugram, where he described Sonali Phogat as his wife in the documents.

Sudhir Sangwan with Sonali Phogati

Sudhir Sangwan with Sonali Phogati


After completing LLB, Sudhir started practicing as a lawyer in Gohana. After a while he opened a poultry farm, which was not functioning properly. He even started working as a middleman to subsidize farmers in poly houses. He also worked as a contractor for some time and in 2019, he started working as personal secretary to TikTok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat.


deceive the landlord

During 2015-2016, Sudhir lived with his parents, wife and children in a rented house in Sector-2, Rohtak, Haryana. The landlord of his house had once accused him of ill-treating (landlord) and taking possession of his (landlord’s) house. After that, he asked Sudhir’s family to vacate his house within seven months.

allegation of scam

While Sudhir was working as a middleman to give subsidy to the farmers in the poly house, he was accused of scam. Reportedly, he kept all the subsidy money with himself and did not give it to the farmers. He had to serve prison for his act.

rape allegations

After Sonali Phogat’s death, her brother Rinku Dhaka had filed a police complaint that Sangwan had raped her sister Sonali three years ago by mixing some intoxicants in her food. He recorded the incident from his phone and apparently forced Sonali to have physical relations with him several times. Even if she did not agree with him, he also blackmailed her to end her political and film career.

Suspect in Sonali Phogat murder case

Sonali Phogat He died under mysterious circumstances in Goa on 22 August 2022. Initially, it was believed that he died of a heart attack. However, her postmortem report revealed that she had multiple injuries on her body following which her family members claimed that she was raped by two men. As soon as the police started investigating the matter, they found three CCTV footages.

first cctv footage The first video was of Goa’s Curlies restaurant, in which Sudhir was unable to walk properly and was seen handling Sonali. Sudhir and his partner in the same footage Sukhwinder Singh Sonali was seen being taken to the washroom and they stayed there for about two hours.

Sudhir helping Sonali Phogat walk

Sudhir helping Sonali Phogat walk

Second CCTV footage: This 36 second video is of a disco. In the video, Sonali is seen dancing with both the men Sudhir and Sukhwinder. However, she does not feel comfortable dancing with Sukhwinder and tries to get rid of him several times. Sudhir was also dancing next to him.

Sonali Phogat dancing with Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Singh

Sonali Phogat dancing with Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Singh

Third CCTV footage: In the third video, Sudhir is seen dancing with Sonali by putting a bottle in her mouth and forcibly giving her drugs.

Sudhir forces Sonali Phogat to consume the mixture

Sudhir forces Sonali Phogat to consume the mixture

After watching the video, Goa Police arrested Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Singh for further questioning.

Sudhir’s confession in police interrogation

According to Goa police officials, during police interrogation, Sudhir and Sukhwinder confessed that they had forcibly given Sonali Phogat the chemical methamphetamine mixed with water. When Sonali’s health deteriorated due to drug overdose, they took her to the washroom. Giving information about the incident during the press conference, Inspector General of Police Omvir Singh Bishnoi said,

After reaching Goa, Sudhir takes Sonali Phogat to a restaurant in North Goa on the pretext of partying with Sudhir Sukhwinder and he (Sangwan) mixes some unpleasant substance in the drinking water and forces Sonali to drink. She was feeling uneasy and sick in the restaurant after drinking water. He was later taken to the hotel by Sangwan and Sukhwinder where they were staying and then to St. Antony’s Hospital, Anjuna where he was declared brought dead.

Sudhir Phogat in police arrest

Sudhir Phogat in police arrest

Facts / Trivia

  • According to some sources, Sudhir likes to be close to political figures.
  • Apparently, it was Sudhir who introduced Sukhwinder Singh to Sonali Phogat saying that Singh would help Sonali get a job in Goa.
  • Sudhir used to arrange various types of luxury rides for Sonali during the elections. Some of the vehicles he arranged for Sonali Phogat include Mercedes, Ford Endeavor and Skoda cars.
    Sonali Phogat as Sudhir Sangwan poses with luxury rides for him

    Sonali Phogat as Sudhir Sangwan poses with luxury rides for him

  • Sudhir allegedly continued to use his mobile phone even 12 hours after Sonali’s death.
  • According to Sonali’s relatives and friends, she never took any decision without Sudhir’s consent. He has so much control over Sonali’s routine that even his family members could not reach him without Sudhir’s wish.

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