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Age: 26 Years

Marital Status: Married

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

Swapna Suman

Swapna Suman

Some lesser known facts about Swapna Suman

  • Swapna Suman is a Nepali singer and lyricist.
  • He started singing at a very young age and always wanted to become a singer. In the beginning, it was just a fantasy but later everything started falling for him. He was just 15 years old when he decided to make a career with singing. According to him, there was no specific incident, but pure passion and love for music that inspired him to take up singing professionally.
    Childhood picture of Swapna Suman

    Childhood picture of Swapna Suman

  • Swapna Suman never took any formal training for singing. He worked on improving his singing skills and watching videos on YouTube. During an interview he revealed,

    YouTube has always been my biggest mentor. I learned to play guitar by watching tutorial videos on YouTube and got some amazing tips on vocals from the videos there. So yes, YouTube has been the best source of knowledge for me.”

  • The singer claims that Ed Sheeran is his biggest inspiration in music and it is because of him that he started songwriting
  • Before starting his career on YouTube, the Nepali singer participated in a reality show. He got selected for the competition but
    The show did not take place after its first round. Later, she worked on building her singing career through social media platforms and never participated in any reality show. When asked about participating in one of Nepal’s most popular singing reality show Nepal Idol, she replied,

    Nepal Idol is a wonderful platform for budding artistes but my goals and goals are completely different. So I guess I will not participate in any reality show in future but I hope someone gets the chance they deserve. ,

  • Swapan Suman rose to fame after his association with the Arbitrary Group. Talking about the association he said,

    The journey so far with the Arbitrary Group has been great. The people and artists here are really amazing and wonderful to work with. I really feel blessed to be able to be a part of this amazing team. ,

  • He had his first live concert at Pragya Pratishthan in Kathmandu in 2015. Talking about his feelings ahead of his first concert, he said,

    I was really nervous and to make things worse, I got sick. I had a fever and the medicines had a negative effect on my throat. I thought I couldn’t do this show but the amazing support from the audience made it possible. It was an amazing experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

  • During a media interaction, she was asked about her real name, which is not Swapan Suman. Can you tell us how you became Swapna Suman?

    I never liked my name since childhood. I used to study in a hostel and every Saturday they used to show us movies and in most of the Bollywood movies the name of the actress was Suman. I used to be ashamed. I always wanted to have a gorgeous stage name and I tried different names during my school days until I came up with the name Swapna which sounded very cool and meaningful too. That’s why I took the name – Swapan is my stage name and Suman is my real name.”

  • Swapna Suman announced her marriage with long time girlfriend Jyotsna Yogi on Instagram. The singer posted a video on social media with the following caption.

    To be able to love someone with all your heart and be able to receive it is a very special feeling. I feel blessed to have a partner like JoJo who has always been my biggest strength since day one! After 4 beautiful years together, we got married on May 4, 2022 with the blessings of our close friends and family. I am sharing this song which I wrote for her and our special day. I want to share this good news with all my listeners and well wishers. I am asking for nothing but love and blessings from all of you.”

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