The Most Beautiful Light Blue Long Bridesmaid Dresses

by TeamAT
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Light blue is a colour that we all identify with magnificent summer skies, the boundless expanse of a sea, a newborn baby, or all things lovely and enticing. It should come as no surprise that selecting a light blue gown for bridesmaids is one of the best options you can make while organising a wedding.

Long, Light-Blue Bridesmaid Dresses are Currently on-Trend

Long light blue bridesmaid dresses not only are popular right now, but they are also highly adaptable and flatter many body types. A light blue bridesmaid dress will complement and highlight all of the bridesmaid’s stunning features, whether she is tall or short, fair or dark-skinned, or in between. Obviously, baby blue is a colour that will bring out the tenderness in a person’s features & make them appear angelic.

Baby blue bridesmaid dresses are ideal if you want to stand out from the crowd of bridesmaids who typically wear colours of pink, silver, or gold.

Luckily, at Birdy Grey discount code, we have a large selection of long light blue bridesmaids’ gowns in a variety of light blue tints. We have everything from a stunning azure that looks just like the ocean to cornflower blue to the foggy greyish blue.

For your convenience, we’ve created a list of our top 10 long light blue bridesmaids dresses, each one is distinctive in its own way and will have your bridesmaids and guests oohing and aahing over these gorgeous dresses.

The best part is that most of these dresses are under $150. So, no matter how expensive is, you will undoubtedly find at least one, if not more, dresses that you’ll fall in love with.

Elena in Sky

This bridesmaids dress is a stunning sky blue colour with a crisscross neck pattern and a flowing gown resembling a long skirt. This dress’s classic silhouette is great for events when bridesmaids vary in size or form since it is a universally flattering gown that lends a certain sense of elegance to the ceremony.

Thea in Cornflower

Because of its stunning cornflower colour and off-the-shoulder neck design with V-straps, this is among the few light blue bridesmaids’ dresses that are ideal for outdoor weddings. This dress exudes a gentle farm girl charm that makes it attractive!

Allison in Fog

If you’re looking for a trendsetting dress that’s both unique and sophisticated, the Allison is the right pick. This one-of-a-kind gown has off-the-shoulder ruffled sleeves which are sure to catch everyone’s attention on the big day!

Betsy in Mint

The Betsy has a very cool mint blue shade mixed with intricate embroidery on a bodice, romantic illusion straps wrapped in classic lace, and a gorgeous a-line skirt to name a few aspects that make it a bridesmaid dress worth considering.

Cameron in Fog

The Cameron is a classic bridesmaid dress including a particular twist, with delicate spaghetti straps or a bodice with flower embroidery.

Milly in Cornflower

Milly epitomises a beautiful chiffon gown. The Milly’s cornflower blue adds to the dress’s charm and highlights the exquisite design on the bodice that distinguishes it.

Caitlin in Fog

The Caitlin will be your go-to dress if you’re seeking baby blue bridesmaids’ dresses which are not only unique but also appropriate for every season.

Jade in Sky

The Jade dress is one of the most sophisticated of the bunch, with distinctive decorative patterns on the collarbone or the V-shaped back, as well as a thigh-high slit. Mix or match the Jade with the other Birdy Grey bridesmaid gowns to create a really unique look for your girls.

Mackenzie in Cornflower

The beautifully designed Mackenzie in silk finish is a dress that will be admired by all of your bridesmaids and is ideal for a seaside wedding.

Riley in Fog

The Riley is a basic yet attractive dress with a subtle slit at the front that adds a touch of refinement to this dress. What’s the best part? The bridesmaids can also wear this dress to cocktail parties or other occasions after the wedding.


Choosing baby blue bridesmaid dresses will pay off the wedding if you receive compliments on this unusual yet timeless colour choice for the bridesmaids’ dresses.

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