The role of the pressure Flow Control valves in the production process

by Sanju
pressure Flow Control valves

Electric hydraulic flow control valves are the building blocks of industrial control systems. Mostly, they control the quantity of the fluid, gas or steam passing through a pipe. A control valve does that by increasing or decreasing the size of the orifice. As we all know that the manufacturing plants consist of hundreds of control loops to control different things. It is necessary for creating fine products. However, proportional flow control valves play a crucial role in the production process such as for maintenance, quality control, and safety. Because they use a restrictor to control the flow rate efficiently and provide more control over it. 

Product Quality:

The word quality product means to have a product that achieves the expected output and matches to the whole planning. This means there are some variables in the manufacturing process to make the process happen precisely as possible. The whole system contains a lot of sensors. These sensors interact with each other and provide the precise information that is processed by the controller. After processing the information about the variables, it will create a strategy to return the variables back to the desired point. Proportional flow control valves carry out this strategy precisely.


In manufacturing, plants create products from the raw materials and if anything lacks or the quantity of the material changes then the quality of the product will be distorted. A fluid control valve lets you provide a controlled amount of fluid for making the product. Using the precise amount of the ingredients is necessary to achieve quality when you are manufacturing any kind of product such as plastic products, food items, juices, and medicines, etc.  


Proportional flow control valves are the most important parts of product processing. Manufacturing involves many kinds of machines and equipment. They require proper checkup and maintenance from time to time to keep the whole processing unit running smoothly. For this you can use the control valve software to detect the problems at the right time. A proper check up can let you determine which screws need to be tightened. You can tighten them with the help of an air gun that uses the air flow control valve to maintain a pressure of air that powers the gun to tight or lose the screws. An air pressure gun tights the screw firmly so that it can be opened easily. 


The role of proportional flow control valves is very important in the manufacturing industry. A pressure flowing through a pipe can raise the temperature, loose the screws and can be a reason for an explosion. Too high and too low temperature can also affect the quality of your product. Using solenoid valve flow control you can maintain the pressure in the pipes so it cannot exceed the temperature limit of the pipe or the system. 


Many fluid control valves are available in the market. But proportional flow control valves with so many uses and effects on the production process are the best choice.

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