Using Pipedrive to Automate Your Sales Processes

by Sanju

Whether you’re a business owner looking for an affordable crm tool monday to automate your sales processes or a salesperson looking for the best way to streamline your CRM, Pipedrive offers a range of solutions. As the leading provider of cloud-based sales CRM software, Pipedrive is dedicated to helping you grow your business.


Using Pipedrive to find people is very simple. You can create new people, find their email addresses, and view their contact history. You can also monitor your team’s performance. You can schedule meetings, phone calls, and product demonstrations. You can also create follow-up schedules.

You can set up a Pipedrive People filter to automatically import new people every six hours. This will help ensure that you’re not overwriting critical data. You can also run bulk cleansing processes without fear. This way, you can ensure that your Pipedrive data is clean and error free.

When you create a new Pipedrive person, you’ll be prompted to select an organization. The organization name will be listed at the bottom of the Pipedrive contact detail page. You’ll also be prompted to click the Link a person modal. Once you click on the modal, you’ll be asked to select a trigger. You can select to add the new person as a contact, an organization, or both.

You can also import your Pipedrive contacts to Google Contacts. Pipedrive is a global sales-first CRM. This means that your updates will be reflected in Google Contacts. However, you may not want to import your contacts if they have a poor quality record. This can negatively affect your personalization and sales processes.

Pipedrive also provides an API, which you can use to retrieve your mail conversations from Pipedrive. You’ll need to obtain an API token from your administrator. There is documentation on the API.

Insycle can also be used to perform bulk data cleansing processes. You can also review cleansing processes before they’re live. This way, you can ensure that you’re cleaning up your Pipedrive data in the most efficient way.


Using the Pipedrive CRM, you can find your buyers based on Buyer Intent signals. You can also create new Activities and Deals based on the filters you define. You can even set up automated email sequences and assign tasks to Customer Success Managers when certain stages of the deal process are reached.

When you import data into Pipedrive, you can use these imported records to improve segmentation and health scores. You can also use the data to create better playbooks. Pipedrive is a cloud-based software as a service company. It has more than 1,000 employees and eight offices in the US and Europe.

The Pipedrive CRM Organisations Dashboard provides a detailed view of all the organizations you have in your Pipedrive account. The dashboard pulls data from over 70 different native integrations and databases. It also shows you metrics such as emails, notes, number of activities, and more. You can also pull data from spreadsheets and other APIs.

You can associate up to 100 different organizations with your account. You can do this by defining an organization type custom field. These fields are similar to the default fields in Pipedrive. You can also tag additional organizations by adding a custom field. You can also add an address type custom field. This field stores full addresses from Google Maps.

Pipedrive’s native exporter allows you to export data types except Files. The exporter will not automate the data transfer process. You can either use the exporter or update the data manually.

You can also import your data into Pipedrive through a third-party tool. Pipedrive can be integrated with Custify and Skyvia. Pipedrive also supports REST web services.


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Workflow automations

Using Pipedrive workflow automations is a way to improve productivity and save time. Sales reps can touch base with leads without having to manually schedule a call or send a mass email. This helps salespeople stay organized and focused on the deals at hand.

Pipedrive offers a drag and drop workflow builder. You can set up a workflow that will notify you when an activity is completed. You can customize your workflow by adding triggers and if-then conditions. You can also edit and duplicate existing workflows. Using this feature, you can easily build and customize automated workflows that span different apps.

Pipedrive’s contact list features a feature called Contacts Timeline. This is a handy tool that allows you to set follow up frequencies and customize the activity for each lead. The activity can include a slew of things, including adding a private note and linking an item detail to the activity. You can also disqualify leads through this feature.

Pipedrive also allows you to automate simple follow ups, such as sending personalized emails when a deal moves along. Using this feature, you can send emails to your sales team when a lead makes a move that’s relevant to your business.

Pipedrive is also designed to improve marketing efforts. You can set up a workflow that automatically approves budgets and expenses when a trigger is met. You can also set up automatic reminders for activities. Using this feature, you can also create a custom email template based on the pipeline stages that you choose.

While using Pipedrive workflow automations, you can save time, save salespeople from having to manually schedule a call or send an email, and save money for your company.


Adding Pipedrive integrations to your business is a great way to streamline your workflow. You can automatically qualify leads, build sales quotes and even send documents to your customers. If you have multiple sales reps working on a deal, Pipedrive integrations can help them coordinate and close the deal.

Pipedrive’s slick dashboard gives sales reps a view of the sales funnel that’s easy to understand. It also allows them to follow up with precision. Pipedrive has an integration with Slack, so you can create a chat window that lets your team discuss a prospect’s needs.

Pipedrive’s integration with Google Drive allows you to create documents within Drive. You can then attach these documents to a deal in Pipedrive. You can also save contact information and calendar appointments to Google Apps.

Sales teams often spend hours on paperwork. With Pipedrive, they can eliminate the need to enter data into several systems. They can also create professional emails and sign documents. And, Pipedrive can automatically import customer data into its database.

Pipedrive is also integrated with other business applications. You can integrate your Pipedrive account with your accounting software, like Xero. You can also use it to manage bill reminders and employee expense claims. It also has features to help you file taxes and manage cash flow projects. You can even integrate it with Microsoft Teams.

Pipedrive has several other integrations that can help you improve your sales process. You can import customer data into your pipeline, send documents to customers, and send invoices through your accounting software. With Pipedrive integrations, you can save time and reduce mistakes.

You can also integrate your Pipedrive account with your marketing automation software. You can use Leadfeeder to add qualified leads to your Pipedrive account. Marketo and Hubspot can also import new contacts directly into Pipedrive.

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