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controversies , Accused of beating Vanitha: Vanitha VijayakumarThe eldest daughter of Vijayakumar and Manjula accused her father of resorting to violence when she had gone to pick up her son from their home after Diwali vacation in 2010. According to her, when she had gone to meet her parents to take back their son, her father, who was intoxicated, did not allow Vanitha and her husband to take back their son and when she had gone to his father’s house. protested against, Vijayakumar physically tortured her and Arun Vijay, his younger brother. Describing the incident during an interview, he said,
“My husband and I contacted the police soon after the incident on November 7 and met DGP Letika Saran on Wednesday. Our complaint was against my brother Arun, who assaulted me and my husband when we saw my son. Tried to take Vijay Sri Hari. My father’s house in Madurvoyal.”
In the same year, she filed a complaint against her father and brother after which she claimed that Vijayakumar married Manjula, her mother, for her money and position in the Tamil film industry and claimed that her mother was in constant physical condition of her father. Because of this, she became an alcoholic. , mental and emotional torture. Talking about this Vanitha said,
“I moved out of my family at the age of 16 and was unable to bear the heavy torture of my father and mother. They forced me to indulge in excruciating activities. My mother Manjula was taken over by my father on his property. Made an alcoholic to take possession and now all the properties are registered in the names of Muthukannu (Vijaykumar’s first wife) and actor Arun Vijay.
After Vanitha made several allegations against her father and brother, Vijayakumar called the allegations false and baseless and in his defence, he told the media that the day Vanitha claimed that her brother had beaten her, Arun Vijay was a Were on the flight to America. During an interview he said,
“She is no longer my daughter, she will feel parental pain only when her children grow up. I am not sure why she is acting so strange and behaving like this. Something has definitely happened to her. Vanitha claimed that Arun Vijay and one of the set goons had threatened her against filing any complaint after assaulting her. However, Arun was on a flight to the US at that time.”

, Property Disputes: After the death of his second wife Manjula Vijayakumar, Vijayakumar issued a statement in which he disowned Vanitha Vijayakumar. Vijayakumar filed an FIR against Vanitha in 2018 in which she claimed that despite repeated notices, Vanitha had refused to vacate the house, which belonged to her, following which Vanitha filed a petition in the Madras High Court in which he claimed that he had equal rights. Owned the house because he spent most of his savings on building the house in the 1990s. Vanitha talked about this while giving an interview and said,
“I am staying at my mother’s house. The office address of my production house is also present there. Till now no one has objected to it. We regularly give home for shooting different types of films Out of nowhere, they seem to have received an offer to lend the house on contract from a builder. My father asked me to vacate the house. Even after my mother passed away, I am living there, it It’s convenient for me too. I live with my daughter. My dad stopped shooting and pressured me to vacate the house. I told him that I was ready to stop shooting for films but asked me to leave the house Is not right. “

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