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controversies • Accused Sumant C. Raman for promoting caste discrimination
In November 2022, Vikraman accused Tamil television anchor and sports commentator Sumantha C. Raman of partisan behavior and unfair treatment towards people on the basis of their caste. Vikraman revealed on Twitter that when he went to Sumanth’s house for an interview, he asked for a glass of water, but his demand was ignored even after several requests. His tweet read,
When I came to your house to interview you, you sent me back without even giving me a glass of water. When I myself asked you for it, you suggested me to take water from the watchman. Why so ??”
Sumanth denied the allegations leveled against him by Vikraman and demanded the withdrawal of his baseless statement with an apology. Vikraman replied to his tweet, which read,
Two cameramen were also with me at that time. Don’t threaten the journalist. Our truth will prevail.”
Sumanth also threatened Vikraman with legal action against him, to which he replied with a tweet,
I’m not one to be afraid of such gimmicks. Truth will prevail.”

• Accused of sexually assaulting a man
According to sources, in April 2021, Vikraman was accused of sexually abusing a man who had come to his place to audition. Describing Vikraman as homosexual, the victim revealed that he had promised to help her get roles for films, but instead harassed her. He shared the incident on Instagram with a meme page and said,
He called me to a house in the name of audition and got me acting. Then he pushed me on the bed and sexually assaulted me. I couldn’t do anything at that time. Later his friends called him and scolded him. He put my shirt in a cupboard and closed it. I struggled to get my shirt back from him. Later he begged me not to tell anyone about this incident and help me give a chance in films. Then he blocked me. I could not do anything because many people told me that he had many political connections and knew many big people. He told me that I would not be able to do anything with him.”

• Addressed as anti-Hindu
During a debate on English news channel Times Now in June 2022, Vikraman was accused of hurting and hurting religious sentiments of people by insulting the Hindu god Lord Krishna. Vikraman made a derogatory statement about Lord Krishna’s immoral relationship with the gopis (devotees of Krishna) at his young age. Vikraman said,
Krishna’s short life was full of illicit love affairs with the women of Vrindavan. It was called Rasleela. ,
People heavily criticized Vikraman for making such a derogatory statement on a Hindu deity and called him anti-Hindu. Rahul Easwar, a Hindu philosophy writer attacked him for making objectionable remarks and said,
Sri Krishna’s relationship with the gopis was not illegal but a spiritual bond. Making such remarks about Hindu gods and goddesses is nothing but Hinduphobia. In this way, people try to reduce Hindu culture and beliefs. They make obscene and objectionable statements.”

• FIR registered for making inflammatory remarks
An FIR was registered against All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi and 31 others, including Vikraman Radhakrishnan, for allegedly making objectionable and objectionable statements on social media, which led to various Promoted hatred between social groups. Vikraman was booked under sections 153, 153A, 153B, 295A, 298, 504, 505 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) along with 31 others.

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