What Is Srirangapatna Pitru Dosh Pooja Cost, Vidhi & Benefits?

by Sanju
Pitru Dosh Pooja Cost

To bring peace to one’s ancestors, doing Pitru Pooja and Pitru Paksha Shradha at Srirangapatna may be quite successful. Pitru Pooja (Pitru Dosh Pooja Cost) can be performed in either of these modes, offline or online, depending on your preferences. Additionally, 99Pandit offers the pandit to carry out the Pitru Dosh Pooja on your behalf in Srirangapatna for the anticipated price.

We understand your curiosity about Srirangapatna Pitru Dosh Pooja Cost and Pitru Paksha Shradha. What are the costs, vidhi, and advantages of the Pitru Dosh Pooja? When and how should Pitru Dosh Pooja be performed properly?

Hindus use the potent ceremony of Pitru Pooja in Srirangapatna to make amends with their deceased relatives and ancestors. For individuals who have pitru dosha in their horoscope, pitru pooja is a solution.

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Only in Srirangapatna can pitru pooja be performed in order to appease the pitrus (ancestors) and earn their blessings for us, our offspring, and our grandchildren. At the yagya shala in Srirangapatna, the Pitru pooja was done.

The Reason To Perform Pitru Pooja At Srirangapatna

To remove the pitru dosh from one’s horoscope and to appease our pitrus, the pitru pooja and pitru paksha shradha are done in Srirangapatna. Failure to do the pitru shanti pooja may result in soul disturbance or unhappiness, which may lead to a number of challenges, including:

  • Late wedding
  • Having trouble succeeding in your job
  • Postpone childbirth
  • No harmonious relationships exist inside the family.

The purpose of the pitru pooja was to eliminate sins, both known and unknown, and to grant the performer the pitru’s blessings. Additionally, the Pitru Paksha Shradha at Srirangapatna aids in the release of karmic weight.

Significance Of Pitru Pooja & Pitru Paksha Shradha At Srirangapatna

The individual who conducted pitra pooja was born with Rahu and the Sun in the ninth house of his horoscope. If a person’s family members passed away unexpectedly, this pitru dosha would have evolved in their horoscope to bring them comfort.

Hindu astrology places a lot of emphasis on the pitru dosh, which should be corrected as quickly as feasible if it is present. Pitru dosh only manifests when a person’s soul is unable to set them free from the earth, leading to difficulties.

When the pitru pooja is performed with complete devotion and serenity, the pitrus will be joyful and open the road to success and pleasure.

Manes are referred to as pitru in Hindi. Pitru are individuals who abruptly passed away and could not be saved. As a result, Srirangapatna residents perform Pitru pooja pacification rituals.

According to the Brahma Purana, the Lord of Death, “Yamraj,” frees all souls on the eve of Krishna Paksha in the month of Ashvin so that they may accept and consume the meal provided by their offspring on Shradha. In Srirangapatna, this is known as the Pitru pooja.

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Vidhi & Procedure Of Pitru Pooja 

Gingelly was presented to the homam at the Pitru pooja vidhi and ritual. Lord Surya Bhagwan is adored in puja kalash. During pitru pooja, the mantras gayathri and dosha parihara are recited. The following are the Kalasha, Phala, and Ajay Danes for the Yama Raja Pooja and Homa. The extremely powerful rite of pitru pooja homam performed in Srirangapatna bestows pitru-Moksha. 

  • Pitru Pooja lasts for three days.
  • According to Hindu tradition, a male must do the pooja and pind-daan; a girl cannot perform pitru pooja on her own.
  • The individual must arrive the day before the muhurat or as early as possible, no later than 6 AM.
  • Puja would be completed around noon on the last day.It is stated that once the pitru pooja begins, the performer cannot leave Trimbak until the pooja concludes.
  • On the days of the puja, the performer and their family should avoid eating anything with onion or garlic.
  • Males need merely fresh clothing, such as a white dhoti, gamcha, and napkin, while ladies need a saree in either black, green, or plain white as well as a blouse.
  • For the next 41 days, including Pooja Day, no non-vegetarian food or alcohol should be consumed.

When To Perform Pitru Dosh Pooja Cost At Srirangapatna

Consult with experts and professionals who can advise you on the best day to do the pitru pooja in Srirangapatna. According to Hindu astrology, the day of the Pitru Dosh Pooja is ideal.

  • The optimum days to execute it are Amavasya and Ashtami in order to remove any pitru dosh or previous karma from your kundali.
  • The 15-day pitru paksha is the ideal time and day to do the pitru dosh pooja.
  • On the final day of pitru paksha, depending on the kundali of their pitru pooja, one should consult with a qualified pandit or astrologer. 

Benefits Of Pitru Pooja At Srirangapatna

  • Giving pitru pooja at Srirangapatna helps deceased souls find comfort.
  • Families may get rid of pitru dosha with the use of pitru pooja and pitra dosha remedies.
  • Pitru pooja offers respite from one’s suffering and troubles in life.
  • Additionally, Pitru pooja aids in resolving issues with marriage and childbearing brought on by Pitru dosha.
  • A family’s pitru pooja also assures that if a person does good deeds for the peace and upliftment of their ancestors, he is guaranteed to receive numerous blessings from them.
  • Pitra Dosh Pooja removes all difficulties and obstacles from the path of those who are experiencing difficulties and barriers in their lives. 
  • Pitru Dosh Pooja is extremely affordable, and it also fosters friendly and harmonious family relationships and makes family life very easy.
  • Giving people security and financial peace of mind is the finest aspect of the pitru pooja.
  • Pitru pooja eliminates severe illnesses, lessens the negative impacts of malevolent planets, and heals any damage.
  • If you wish to offer your family the power to effortlessly conquer all of their life’s obstacles while shielding them from any harmful energy, Once in a lifetime, pitru paksha shraddha and pitru pooja at Srirangapatna are recommended.
  • In India, pitru pooja is a highly effective method for overcoming difficult circumstances. Because pitru pooja restores luck and spreads good vibes.

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