What Tech Developments Should You Watch Out for In 2023?

by olivia jones

As 2022 draws to a close, thoughts inevitably wander to what 2023 could hold. With new breakthroughs appearing often, the IT industry is always evolving. It’s thrilling to consider what the future may hold and what technology developments will occur that, by this time next year, will have significantly changed how we conduct business. Let’s take a look at the top technological developments that 2023 will likely bring.

Artificial intelligence

More than most people realize, AI has been a significant force in technology for a long time. AI technology is a foundation for the intelligent algorithms utilized in online commerce, navigation, and entertainment. However, it won’t end there. AI will keep ingraining itself into the technical fabric of our world, expanding in accessibility and adaptability. This may result in certain human occupations being replaced by AI in some industries, but new positions will be established to deal with such changes. AI is at a thrilling phase right now, and in 2023, it will reach new heights.


Since there are so many different interpretations of what the metaverse is, it is easiest to picture an immersive virtual environment. By extending the access and usage of technology beyond early adopters and tech aficionados, 2023 should provide further clarity and development regarding the prospects, available technology, and its worth. Businesses now have a chance to consider how they interact with the Metaverse, whether it is to target customers or create virtual learning environments to bring together remote employees. The corporate community may find it difficult to seize and fund these possibilities.


Currently, blockchain is mostly employed in the financial industry, but by 2023, we’ll see this safe technology being used in government, healthcare, and education as well. Innovations in security and data interchange will be driven by the capacity to decentralize trust and security away from a single organization in a way that cannot be tampered with. The uses for blockchain are limitless, from storing and exchanging sensitive data like health records to creating long-term verification of high-end items.

Digital transformation accelerated

Technology adoption and development accelerated quickly during COVID-19, and this trend is not expected to reverse very soon. To adapt to the shift in user behavior and use, investments in technology and online expansion will keep rising. 2023 appears to be another year of increased digital transformation with recent changes to remote working, cloud computing, and online purchasing.


A kettle-starting app is only the beginning. The year 2023 will see an increase in hyperconnectivity, or the way that gadgets connect and interact. The Internet of Things is expected to grow and become more efficient at performing a wider variety of jobs. Communication will be quicker than ever and you will be able to slice communication so that it exists in isolation thanks to advancements in 5G and, in the not too distant future, 6G.

Cloud alternatives

Since XX, the cloud has been around, and thanks to COVID-19, more companies are embracing cloud working. However, attention is now being paid to alternatives. Recently, edge computing and fog computing have emerged, providing quicker and simpler data processing. In addition to more practical alternatives to cloud computing emerging and making their way into the mainstream of technology, hybrid and multi-cloud architecture will also start to take shape in 2023.


With the advent of the digital revolution, corporations, organizations, and even governments are turning to computerized systems to conduct their daily operations. As a result, cybersecurity has become a top priority to protect data from different online threats and any unauthorized access. As news of data breaches, ransomware, and hacking becomes the norm, it follows that there will be a similar shift in cybersecurity trends as a result of ongoing technological advancement.

Bot management is a method that enables you to control which bots are permitted access to your online assets, and it is something to strive towards. Using this technique, you may let beneficial bots, like Google crawlers, while restricting harmful or undesirable bots, such those employed in cyberattacks. Bot management techniques aim to spot bot activity, pinpoint the bot’s origin, and ascertain the activity’s nature. To avoid negative effects on your site’s speed and security, bot control is essential.

Hyper automation

The world has so many more options thanks to technology, especially with the capacity to connect various platforms, technologies, and gadgets. Hyper-automation can help with it. To help automate as many IT and business operations as possible, it is automation on steroids. By doing so, work time is freed up from repetitive duties, human error is decreased, accuracy is increased, and productivity is increased. Process mapping tools, RPA, AI, and machine learning advancements will increase the prospects for hyper automation, which will benefit enterprises more. The fascinating thing about technology is that something brand-new will undoubtedly join that list and wow us with its powers. For the time being, we’ll continue to monitor those technologies to see if our forecasts come to pass.

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