How to download youtube shorts for whatsapp status 2022

In Everyone’s Hands, You Get To See the Smartphone. Along with the new generation, old age has also embraced how to handle smartphones. Therefore, The Number of Social Media users is involved day by day. Due to this, new trends are Coming Up on Social Media. After banning the tickets, Instagram reels and YouTube shorts have been replaced by YouTube shorts. In the short term, YouTube short and insta reel has become popular. On this platform, users are posting everyday creative videos. After Watching Some YouTube Videos, He Wanted to Download them and Put them on WhatsApp Status. You currently have the option of linking YouTube shorts video. However, with the help of simple steps, you can download this video and put it on Whatsapp status. You can download the short YouTube video to WhatsApp status, to put it simply. Today we are going to TELL TELL YOU ABOUT IT. Let’s know.


How to download the YouTube Shorts video

  1. Start the YouTube application on your smartphone.
  2. Visit the category of shorts. On the lower page, it will be next to the starting symbol.
  3. Click the shared icon and select “Copy link.”
  4. Start a browser that allows you to download after that.
  5. Go to Yt shorts download and paste the YouTube Shorts video URL in the “Small your video link here” box. 
  6. Select search and move down to see the short YouTube video formats available to download.
  7. To download the video on your device, touch the “Download” button next to the desired format. How to Download YouTube Shorts Video to Your Computer


Download Youtube shorts on Android and iOS

In the same way, you can download short of YouTube to different computer operating systems; you can also do it on your tablet or mobile device.


Whether you have an Android or iOS device, the same place we mentioned above also downloads your short videos to mobile phones or tablets.

  1. Open the youtube shorts downloader page on your mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Enter the YouTube application, click “Share” on the right side of the screen, and then click “Copy link.”
  3. Return to the download page and paste the link. As before, select the video quality for download and click “Get the video.”
  4. Finally, click “Download.”


This is how you can share on Whatsapp Status.


You must follow some steps to share YouTube shorts on WhatsApp status. First, you must go to the status option in WhatsApp. Here you have to click on the + button. Now many opportunities will come in front of you, after which you must select the option you want to upload. In this way, you can apply YouTube videos on Whatsapp Status.

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