How To Optimize Your Profile For Online Dating Apps 

Since the world was created 4.5 million years ago, many evolutions have occurred. Earlier finding out our perfect soulmate wasn’t our choice. But as we step into the modern 21st century, we are handed many golden keys and one golden key which we acquired is finding our comfortable chair which means finding our perfect partner with ease through dating apps. 

But installing a dating app through Play Store isn’t enough, you have to optimize your profile too, and in such a way that it shall gain massive attention. 

One of you must be thinking of how. 

So this article will surely help you in a way to optimize your profile and will ease all your troubles. 

Table Of Contents 

  • How to change your name on Tinder 
  •  Add a perfect image 
  • List out your hobbies and interests 
  • Keep it optimistic
  • Conclusion 


  • How To Change Your Name On Tinder 

As you install Tinder, you will be suggested two options to create your profile, one will be through Facebook and another will be through your Phone number. Both two options have various procedures for changing your name on Tinder

If you create your profile through Facebook : 

Step 1: Open Facebook App 

Step 2: Click on the three horizontal lines present at the top-right corner of the Android and at the bottom-right on iPhones.

Step 3: Scroll down to the “Settings & Privacy” 

and a sub-menu will be expanded. Select Setting then. 

Step 4: Click on personal information in the setting and options like edit name, phone number, email address, etc will be visible.

Step 5: By tapping on the name option, you can edit the name.

Step 6: After completing your name edit, select review change, a blue-coloured button present at the bottom of the page.

Step 7: Enter the password and save the changes made. 

Your new name will be displayed on the Facebook Profile and hence the Tinder name will be updated automatically.

If you create your profile through a phone number : 

The only way to change your profile name when you create an account through a phone number is by starting from scratch, that is deleting your account and creating a new one. 

  • Add A Perfect Image 

It is well said, “First Impression Is The Last Impression”.  And this saying is implemented in all phases of life whether it’s going for an interview or it’s choosing the right soulmate. In dating apps, Impressions can be set by optimizing your profile, by fixing a perfect image. Pick up the image that enhances your personality while showcasing your confidence. 

Avoid a photo that is blurry or not visible. A smiling image can play a major role. It makes you seem friendly, approachable, and attractive.

  • List Out Your Hobbies And Interests 

Nevertheless, the best way to outcast your personality is by revealing your true potential and interests. Instead of concentrating on your physical features, concentrate on your profile. It will help you in figuring out the common interest in the matches. Instead of just listing out the hobbies, share the sport you play or the yoga posture you like to do or list out the five or six music bands you love to listen to. This idea will make you find a match with your common interest. 

  • Keep It Optimistic 

Although you may need to be sure that the online dating scene is for you, being as positive as possible in your profile will draw others to you.

Avoid mentioning things you don’t like in a person or saying negative things about yourself. Write 80% of the data in the profile speaking about yourself and the rest 20℅ about what you want in your partner. Positively describe yourself as it will bring a charm to your profile and help you find an interesting match. It’s certainly important to find a balance between the two because a profile that’s too much on you is going to disable people.

  • Conclusion 

Since online dating has become more comfortable for today’s youth. As the pandemic COVID-19 evolved around the globe, meeting people physically has become rarest while creating an online profile, finding a match by staying at the same place in any corner of the world is now fun for people. Hence, Life is like a shuffling card, to find the perfect partner, shuffle as many cards as you want till you find the perfect match. If you keep your profile the right way, then finding the perfect partner will be like making the stone turned. 


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