Top Best Game Streamers in India

Top Best Game Streamers in India

With each day passing by, the Indian community of gamers is gaining more and more members. What do you think is the reason for the same? Yes, of course, digitalisation and technological advancements are responsible for the increase in the hype of computer games and gaming in the country but other than that there is one more factor. Have you heard about the online streaming of games? We are going to discuss streaming later separately. But the thing is it is because of some of the amazing game streamers in India that have contributed to making the gaming community so large in the country. Not just that, it is also because of the availability and affordability of gaming gear available in the market these days. For instance, you can easily find gaming headphones under 2000 or other economical gaming gadgets in the market easily. 

What is game streaming?

Okay so before we start discussing the top best game streamers in India, it is necessary that we know what game streaming means actually? Game streaming is a sort of social service where one plays a game and broadcasts the gameplay socially to the audience. The broadcasting might be just sharing the screen graphics with the viewers or it might also be sharing the screen along with your voiceover so that viewers get to experience the gameplay according to your point of view. 

Top Best Game Streamers in India

Game streaming is an online activity that has resulted in the growth and popularity of the gaming community and has significantly contributed to hyping up computer games. The reason for streaming popularity is the quality of streaming the game streamers of India provides. Let us take a look at the top best game streamers in India and why they are loved by their audiences. 


One of the most famous YouTubers in India is Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar). Carry Minati is so well known in the nation that even the kids know about him. He rose to fame at an age of mere 19 years old when he started to make entertainment videos and roasting videos. For streaming gameplay, he created a second channel called CarryIsLive which has about 11.4 million followers as of today. Carry Minati could be seen streaming PUBG gameplay quite often on his channel.


Another really famous gaming channel in India is Sc0ut which is run by Tanmay Singh. Tanmay Singh’s biggest dream is to win the PUBG trophy for his nation and he says that he will quit streaming the day he achieves his dream. He has played under many teams for the same and also created the first BGMI scoreboard team called RAW. Sc0ut has a total of 4.56 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

Dynamo Gaming

The next on our list is the very famous – Dynamo Gaming. Dynamo Gaming is a streaming channel on YouTube that was created by Aaditya Sawant. Dynamo Gaming has a total of 10 million subscribers. Dynamo Gaming is one of the game streamers that are not only known in the gaming industry but also in the music industry. Does that shock you? We’ll tell you how. In 2019, Aaditya Sawant met the famous music producer Alan Walker which made him well-known among music enthusiasts too.


Another quite famous and deeply loved by his audience comes Naman Mathur who has a channel named Mortal on YouTube. Mortal has around 7.01 million subscribers and is known for its quality gameplay. Lately, the artist has been doing a lot of Among Us streams, which is almost everyone’s favourite. 

Total Gaming

We can’t talk about gaming and not talk about Total Gaming. Total Gaming, a game streaming channel on YouTube has about 33.8 million followers and is one of the most loved game streamers in the country. Total Gaming is owned by Ajay and he is better known among his fans by the name “Ajjubhai”. He is mainly known for broadcasting Free Fire gameplays. You’ll be amazed to know that Ajay has a total of 6 channels where he uploads gaming content. 

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