Who is better, Virat or Babar?

The debate on Babar Azam and Virat Kohli has been widely discussed since Babar’s international debut in 2015.

This is because Babar has demonstrated many qualities that Kohli exhibited during his U-19 days, despite not winning the U-19 world title like Kohli. Whether its an on-field play or ipl betting app, the fans are always interested in seeing these cricketers playing face-off.

Kohli had already played in over 150 One-Day Internationals by the time Babar played his 1st international match and had scored 20+ centuries.

However, as of 2022, Babar Azam has become the fastest player to reach the milestone of 2,000 ODI runs, achieving it in just 47 matches, while it took Kohli 56 matches to reach this mark. These statistics invite a closer look at how these two players stack against each other.

Virat Kohli’s dominance in the shorter format of the game has been unparalleled, as he has held the No.1 ranking in ODIs for almost four years between 2017 and 2021. However, Babar Azam eventually managed to overthrow Kohli from the top spot after a staggering 1,258 days of Kohli’s reign.

Azam, who leads the Pakistan cricket team, is renowned for his graceful and stylish approach to batting. He has earned a reputation as one of international cricket’s most promising young talents.

He has consistently delivered impressive performances across all game formats and has achieved a remarkable feat of 1k to 6k runs in ODIs has been honoured with the prestigious ICC Cricketer of the Year and ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year awards.

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Comparing the Cricket stats of Virat and Babar in all formats

As we delve into the statistics, it’s worth examining how Babar Azam and Virat Kohli fare in all the formats of cricket, including the ODI, Test and T20. Check out the info below:

Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam in ODI

In the case of Kohli, he stands among a select group of six players who have smashed over 12,000 runs in ODIs, and holds the distinction of being the quickest player to achieve this mark, having reached the milestone in 251 matches.

Player Virat Kohli Babar Azam
Matches 271 95
Runs 12,809 4,813
Average 57.69 59.41
Strike rate 93.77 89.03
Half Centuries (50’s) 64 24
Centuries (100’s) 46 17

Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam in T20

When it comes to T20 internationals, the closest comparison we can draw between the two is that Kohli has played 115 games while Babar has played 99. As of today, Kohli has scored 4,008 runs at an impressive average of 52.73, while Babar has amassed 3,355 runs at an average of 41.41.

Despite playing 16 T20I matches more than Babar, Kohli has comparatively maintained an average above 50. While Babar has notched up two centuries in cricket’s shortest format, Kohli has scored one T20I century.

Regarding half-centuries, Kohli has hit 37, while Babar has scored 30.

Player Virat Kohli Babar Azam
Matches 115 99
Runs 4,008 3,355
Average 52.73 41.41
Strike rate 137.96 127.80
Half Centuries (50’s) 37 30
Centuries (100’s) 1 2

Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam in Test

When it comes to Test cricket, Kohli’s impressive record places him ahead of Babar. Kohli has knocked out a staggering 8,195 runs in 106 Tests, while Babar has scored 3,696 runs in 47 Test matches. Kohli scored 7,000 runs in the most extended format within just 81 matches.

Regarding centuries across all formats, Kohli has a substantial lead over Babar. Kohli’s remarkable tally of 74 international centuries stands tall over Babar’s record of 28 centuries across all formats.

Player Virat Kohli Babar Azam
Matches 108 47
Runs 8,416 3,696
Average 48.93 48.63
Strike rate 55.33 55.02
Half Centuries (50’s) 28 26
Centuries (100’s) 28 9

Since being appointed as Pakistan’s T20I captain in 2019, Babar Azam has been in top form, scoring an impressive 2,065 runs in just 66 matches, with two centuries and 20 half-centuries to his name.

Meanwhile, Kohli captained India in T20Is from 2017 to 2021, scoring 1,570 runs in 50 matches at an average of 47.57 and a strike rate of 140.55.

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Regarding their win-loss records as T20I captains, Babar has won 40 and lost 21 of his 66 matches, while Kohli won 30 and 16 of his 50 games. Moving to Test cricket, Kohli has captained India in 68 matches, winning an impressive 40, losing 17, and drawing 11.


As Captain Virat Kohli Babaz Azam
T20 Matches 50 66
Won 30 40
Lost 16 21
Runs 1,570 2,065
ODI Matches 95 21
Won 65 13
Lost 27 7
Runs 5,449 1,454
Test Matches 68 18
Won 40 8
Lost 17 6
Runs 5,608 1,651

In comparison, Babar has captained Pakistan in only 18 Tests, winning eight and losing six. As for ODI captaincy, Babar has led Pakistan in 21 matches, winning 13 and losing seven, while Kohli has captained India in 95 ODIs, winning 65 and losing 27.

The cricketing rivalry between India and Pakistan has always drawn comparisons between their star batsmen, and the current generation is no exception. Fans continue to pit Virat Kohli and Babar Azam, arguably the best batsmen in their respective countries, against each other, adding more excitement to the intense competition.


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